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Dentist in San Francisco 94108

Looking for a dentist in the 94108 zip code in San Francisco, near Union Square?  Susie Shin Dental Care is a dentist in San Francisco with consistently high patient ratings.  With easy access from both the Montgomery & Powell BART stations, and garage parking...

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Modern Gum Disease Treatment

Treatments of gum disease have improved over time, and Dr. Susie Shin D.D.S., M.A.G.D. is highly committed to providing the highest quality treatment of gum disease with state of the art technology. Part of …

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Heal Cold Sores Faster

Are you plagued by cold sores on your lips? Aside from being unsightly, they are painful and contagious. People who have the cold-sore virus in their body develop cold sores when they are sick, stressed…

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How Acidic Is Your Diet?

Most people understand that sugar and sweets usually cause cavities. But even seemingly “healthy” foods, and our own stomach acid, also damage teeth in a much less obvious way…

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