Having straight teeth isn’t only about having a beautiful smile, but a healthy one too.

Teeth that are not in proper alignment can be very difficult to keep clean. Areas with crowded teeth or gaps can trap food and bacteria, causing the gums to be unhealthy and cavities to form. Teeth that are incorrectly positioned also increase the chance of injury to teeth and jaws from improper biting and chewing forces.  ORTHODONTICS treatment can improve the health of your smile as well!


INVISALIGN is a great alternative to traditional braces. With Invisalign technology, a series of thin clear custom trays are created in a dental lab. The trays worn in succession gradually move your teeth into alignment. Since the trays are removable, oral hygiene and eating are significantly easier.

Dr. Shin completed training at the United States Dental Institute of Orthodontics and the Seattle Dental Institution, specializing in cosmetic dentistry and occlusion.  She is a preferred Invisalign provider in San Francisco for over 10 years.  Her education and skills provide patients with exceptional orthodontic care.

Talk to Dr. Shin today about straightening your teeth and be on your way to a healthier smile!








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“Dr. Shin is friendly and great at communicating.  The staff are knowledgeable and go out their way to help patients. They are super speedy without compromising accuracy or helpfulness. I always leave Dr. Shin’s office feeling good and smiling wide!”    Claire S.

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