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Did you know oral cancer rates are on the rise, even in non-tobacco users?

New research confirms that risk factors for oral cancer now include the Human Papilloma Virus (HPV), frequent or excessive alcohol consumption, a compromised immune system, and prior history or other types of cancers. The changing demographic requires a call to action for oral cancer awareness and regular screenings.

San Francisco dentist Dr. Susie Shin D.D.D., F.A.G.D. is now offering the latest technology for oral cancer screenings. In addition to a thorough visual oral exam, an adjunctive aid helps to detect things unable to be seen with the naked eye. This supplemental device, called a VelScope, uses a harmless fluorescent light to detect abnormal tissues and tissue changes seen in cancerous or pre-cancerous growths. The VelScope offers earlier detection of tissue abnormalities and changes than a visual examination alone. A VelScope exam is quick, painless, and can potentially save your life.

When detected early, the 5-year survive rate for oral cancer is about 83%. Unfortunately, most cases of oral cancer are discovered in later stages, when the 5-year survival rate drops to around 50%. The VelScope device is extremely sensitive to tissue changes, and can allow for earlier detection. Early detection means more treatment options.

Ask Dr. Shin today about including a VelScope oral cancer screening at your next dental appointment!

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