Bacteria, heredity, and immune system response are what lead to PERIODONTAL DISEASE.


According to the CDC (Center of Disease control), Periodontal disease affects nearly 50% of people age 30 years old. The rates increase to 70% by the time you are in your mid-sixties. Periodontal disease is usually painless, and many people are unaware of the damage being caused by this silent condition. Periodontal disease is gradual, persistent, and can even be related to many other health conditions!


Often, patients with periodontal disease will not notice any symptoms early on. It is typically painless, since it is chronic and constant. Symptoms of periodontal disease can include but are not limited to: red, puffy gums that bleed easily when brushing and flossing, gum recession and exposed tooth roots, tooth sensitivity, bad breath or taste in your mouth, tooth movement and shifting, bone loss seen in x-rays, and even tooth loss. Even with good oral hygiene at home, periodontal disease can still be actively infecting your gums and bone in areas difficult to keep clean.


Typically, the first step in treating periodontal disease is having a “deep cleaning” done. This allows your hygienist to clean out the bacteria embedded deep in your gum pockets, and smooth the surfaces to reduce future bacteria accumulation.


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