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Advances in dental technology can make having a beautiful smile a reality. 

Improved materials and methods have enabled San Francisco cosmetic dentist Dr. Susie Shin D.D.S., M.A.G.D. to create beautiful smiles her patients are proud to show off.

Dr. Shin has completed training at the Seattle Dental Institution, specializing in cosmetic dentistry and occlusion. Dr. Shin is highly skilled in placing natural tooth colored fillings, commonly called “porcelain fillings” or “composite fillings” in San Francisco.

Other than having a more natural appearance, porcelain fillings bond to the tooth enamel, enhancing the strength of the surrounding tooth enamel. By creating a bonded interface, the white filling can last longer from less micro leakage and breaking down over time.

Old unsightly silver fillings (called amalgams) often break down over time and need to be replaced. This is because the filling and the material are not actually bonded together. Over time, the margins have micro leakage, letting bacteria enter the tooth, and leading to the filling breaking down and developing cavities underneath the old filling. Another reason old fillings fail is because the metal filling and tooth enamel contract and expand over time, creating stress on the filling material and enamel. It is very common for a tooth with an old amalgam to eventually break, requiring a crown.

Cosmetic bonding can be done on your front teeth to fix discoloration, staining, crooked teeth, gaps, broken or chipped teeth. White filling material can be placed to repair and reshape teeth if you are unhappy with their appearance, giving you the gorgeous smile you’ve always wanted.

Talk to Dr. Shin today about a smile makeover, and see which options are right for you!

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